Before you hit the ground

Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg presents a film by Sophie van de Pol and Bart van de Woestijne.

Production details

Release: October 2014
12 minutes
Psychological drama


It’s a typical weekday. Steven, a twenty-year-old student, is looking after one-year-old Levy at the usual babysitting address. A stupid, almost casual accident causes the loss of Levy’s life. Driven by guilt, Steven finds himself making decisions he never thought could make.

Cast and crew

Bart van de Woestijne
Sytske van der Ster
Thijs Maas
Tygo de Groot

Director: Sophie van de Pol
Screenplay: Sophie van de Pol, Bart the Woestijne
Producers: Elbe Stevens Films, Lumière Cinema Maastricht
Executive producer: Guido Franken
Director of Photography: Thomas van der Gronde
Gaffer: Antonio Martinez Urbina, Mario Dirkx
Sound: Dennis Alink
Sound design: Tom Jansen
Music: Marco Mlynek, Marc Alberto
Editing: Jordi Beukers, Synco Schölvinck
Costume: Lieke Gielen
Production design: Leonie Gladdines
Art direction: Jasper Fernhout
Makeup: Nadine Kerckhoffs
Stills: Philip Driessen