Arthur Blog 1: Building a team


It is possible to make a film by yourself, especially an animation. Whether you can make the best film is another question. You have to know where your strengths lie but also where you need extra support. For my project, Fatal Fly, I’m looking for the right people who can assist in elevating the film to a higher level. New team members are announced via this blog.

A film is built on three pillars: story, picture, and music.
It’s fair to say that I only have a certain degree of storytelling knowledge. I brainstormed with Elbe Stevens about where the script could go.

I got stuck at one point, and I didn’t hesitate calling a friend who has a good eye for stories and their structures.

Joscha of Deijk is the first teammate we involved in Fatal Fly. Alongside the screenplay, we also worked with him on the storyboarding, which I’ll go into elsewhere.

Together, we adapted and improved the script. It proceeded with deleting, adding, again removing, and changing tack. In the beginning, it was difficult because we didn’t know exactly what the story was about and how it should pan out. Once this was clear, we could take a targeted approach.

Eventually the decisive moment came during a phone call where we were thinking out loud. What, at first, didn’t seem like a good idea, actually turned out to be the missing element the script needed. The script is ultimately an outlook on life, a world where small actions can unconsciously have major consequences for the future.

We’ve also been contacting illustrators and composers to see who fits the project best. It’s nice to see that everyone is excited about Fatal Fly and wants to collaborate. They will all make a contribution to this a great project.  Therefore, I won’t speak about my project, but about our project…

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