Blog 1 Thomas & Wim: 6 January 2014 – 10:30: The Screenplay


After several months of reflection in the forests of Bilzen, we headed back to civilisation, satisfied with the final version of the screenplay.

It was a continuous process of adding, deleting, refining, re-reading, discussing, adding, deleting… the ultimate goal being to make the story as natural and as compact as possible.

When our creative flow began to wane, we were assisted by the expert advice of our spiritual leaders from the Masterplan! Together, we managed to create a story that flowed well, with characters of flesh and blood. The screenplay is a 10-page black comedy. A taster of the story:

‘Three single brothers lead a carefree life. When a woman comes to live in their street, their synergy threatens to collapse like a house of cards.’

The next step is casting the right actors to bring the characters to life. Once the cast is confirmed, it’ll be announced on this blog.

See you soon!