Blog Arthur 2: Building a team – Music


In my previous post, I informed you about getting the crew together. Since Fatal Flyis made as part of the Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg, it’s importantto get as many team members from the Limburg region as possible. It is striking how many inspiring people there are here in the South.

Our newest team member forFatal Fly,Mark Pütz, who will provide the music and sound effects. Mark’s company, Cosmic Orchestra, provides music for TV, documentaries, films, and national andinternational commercials.

Mark and I have spoken several times in meetings at Cinesud, so I sent him an email asking if he would be interestedin participating in our project. I got a quick reply saying he’d very much like to help.

The music is very important.It sets the mood, but also subconsciously establishes connections in the story that the viewer doesn’t directly see. This is an important device in Fatal Fly, so, for now and for obvious reasons, I won’t be giving anything more away…

When I was in the studio with Mark (which was already an experience in itself) to talk about Fatal Fly, I immediately noticed how passionate he is about his profession. He played me some samples and explained what he wants to add to the story with his music. It was very inspiring, and I can’t wait to work together on finding the right sound for this unusual short film…

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