Blog 2 Bart & Sophie: The shoot


(Thus, the shoot is over).

After six weeks of intensive preparations, rehearsals, site visits, discussions, finalising, and hundreds of minor last-minute arrangements; finally, it was time to begin.

On Friday February 21, we were in the car, excitedly driving to a beautiful villa in Landgraaf, which, for the next three days, would serve as Judith and Frank’s house: the parents of baby Levy. The residents spent the weekend away especially for the occasion. A good thing because once we arrived the house was completely taken over. Camera and lighting people came and went, lamps and leads were everywhere; paintings were hung, cabinets assembled, stuffed animals positioned, and photo frames swapped. An ordinaryhouse became a film set.

Everything starts with an idea: and that was the case with this film about eighteen months ago.So, it’s fantastic to see so many people working with this idea in their head and with the same goal: to make the film. And to do it well.

Makeup and clothing installed, scene discussed, lunch crammed in and ‘go’; we could begin.As it is with film, all the scenes criss-cross one another; and so, we started with one of the film’s final scenes. Very exciting.

Everyone felt like they were on set once an image appeared on the monitor; the tone was set. Words on paper came to life, and we could suddenly see and hear what had been in our heads all that time. The colours, the light, the camera motion, and the tension that immediately said; it’s right. A magical moment.

The days that followed were long and hectic, and happily went without a hitch. We filmed in the house in Landgraaf, in a cafe in Maastricht, in a student house, and in a sad, downtrodden playground. We drank litres of cola and coffee.Imitated a flashing siren with a whiskey glass and two coloured lights.Performed stunts on a staircase. And we learnt that babies definitely can’t be directed. But above all: we filmed some beautiful shots.

On Monday 24 February, the whole crew was enjoying a beer at our hotel in Heerlen. Suddenly, fatigue crept up on everyone; someone was sleeping with their eyes open, someone else was sprawled on the couch. We were exhausted, but with big smiles on our faces.

We’ve got the footage, but the film is obviouslynot yet complete. Editing starts in late March, which, like the sound and music, will determine the end product.