Blog 2 Thomas & Wim: 19 January 2014 – 16:30: Cast & Crew


After a final analysis of the screenplay we switched to the pre-production of the short film. Together we made a wish list for the cast & crew. The result is a colourful mix of top professionals and enthusiastic young creatives.

After a bunch of emails, hours of phone calls, and gallons of coffee, we are very happy we can count on the cast & crew we had in mind.

Unfortunately, we still have to test your patience because, at the moment, the actors’ names are just for us… That’s just how it is! But we can tell you that Ben Vandendaele will be taking care of the Flemish part of the production. Ben recently received awards for his production of De Weg Van Alle Vlees (The Way Of All Flesh), which was included in the International Short Film Festival Leuven and walked away with both the jury and audience awards.

Welcome to the team!