Blog 3 Bart & Sophie: The home stretch


A lot has happened in recent months: after filming in February, we began editing in March. For two weeks we were glued to the film – locked in the dark without any sense of time – and since then have created and tested about 20 different versions. It’s fascinating how adding two seconds to a scene can tell a completely different story.

The sound design and grading was in April, with a subsequent viewing for our teachers in May. We planned this viewing to be the end point of the film, but things turned out otherwise.

After a public audience of about 100 people watched our ‘baby’ at Filmhuis Lumière, we found out it still wasn’t finished. It didn’t create the intended atmosphere because it was too quick, and the sound didn’t carry enough of the film.

So, we began re-editing last summer, after receiving our degrees from the Maastricht Theatre Academy in July. The goal was to bring more quietness into the film and therefore get closer to the character and his story. We think we’ve succeeded and it’s a totally different film to what it was inMay.

This week, we started the sound design again with coaching from Michel Schöpping. His criticism, questions, and tips have been a wake up call and taken us in a new direction, which I think will work out very well.

Next… the finishing touches. Then, on to the actual premiere in October!