Blog 3 Wim & Thomas: Presentation cast & crew


After a period of quiet (before the storm), the time has finally come to announce the cast for the short film De Smet. T Sven De Ridder (Het Vonnis, Frits & Franky, Cordon), Stefaan Degand (Rundskop, Connie & Clyde, De Ronde) and Tom Audenaert (Hasta La Vista, Connie & Clyde, Quiz Me Quick) will play the three brothers. Jessica Zeylmaker will play the female lead (Nono het zigzagkind, Spijt!). Do we have to mention how very excited are we? We think not…

Behind the scenes, we can also count on the support of a strong team: Manuel Vanderjeugd (DoP), René Jonkers (1st direction ass.), and Thijs Van Nuffel (editor). Obviously, a colourful mix of established artists and emerging talents will be assisting them.

Soon, everyone comes together for the first time for a rehearsal and costume fitting. Then, we’ll treat you to some footage.

Thomas & Wim