Arthur Blog 4: Development


Now the storyboard phase is complete and there’s a final version of the story, we can begin the next step – the development phase. I’ll briefly explain what this stage means without giving too much of the final visual style away.

The animation will be a combination of analogue and digital techniques. We’re currently focusing on the analogue parts.Our illustrator, Mensah van der Wall, is working hard to finalise the artwork. Once part of the artwork is finished, it comes out of the printerto be cut.

Then, all the separate parts are photographed and digitally processed to form the final image. The goal is to create a sort of ‘diorama-effect’. By using actual cut-out paper we hope to amplify this effect.

The components consist of backgrounds, various props, and characters.Our Animator, Kabo Lam, is working on bringing the characters to life. Butmore about that later…