Blog 5 Arthur: Crunchtime!


The core of an animation project is predominantly at its end. You begin with small steps, and towards the end you’re making rapid progress. Nevertheless, the last weeks are still stressful.

The deadline is getting closer, and there’s more than enough to do. Meanwhile, ninety per cent of all the artwork is painted, digitized, and processed. There’s still part of the animation, editing, and the music/sound design to do. The advantage with all of this is that you see your project growing bit by bit, and with this comes a growing enthusiasm for the work.

It’s only at the end that you get an idea of what does and doesn’t work – that’s when you have a complete picture of the artwork, background, foreground, animation, colour, timing, and editing. Some adjustments can be made while you’re working; for other adjustments new artwork has to be made. Thus, everything keeps getting put back and you have to constantly adjust the schedule.

For now, everything seems to be working out! Fingers Crossed!