Connecting Flights

Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg presents an animated film by Arthur Gorissen


Production details

Release: October 2014
Length: 5 minutes
Genre: Drama

Sales: SND Films


One summer’s day, Julia boards a plane to take her to her destination, unaware of what awaits her.
Eduard is in a barbershop and a fly is distracting the barber. The barber tries to shoo the fly away.
At that moment, panic brakes out in the plane…


Director: Arthur Gorissen
Screenplay: Elbe Stevens, Arthur Gorissen, Joscha van Deijk
Producers: Elbe Stevens Films, Lumière Cinema Maastricht
Executive producer: Guido Franken
Storyboard: Joscha of Deijk
Illustration: Mensah van der Wall
Animation: Kabo Lam
Sound design: Freek Philippi and Mark Pütz
Music: Mark Pütz
Editing: Arthur Gorissen