The Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg was initiated by Elbe Stevens Films and Lumière Cinema Maastricht. The Masterplan annually provides a group of young talents from the Euregio with the opportunity to make a professional short film. Each year the program realises three short films. The participants are given the opportunity to go through the entire production process from start to end. In order to gain optimal development in a short period of time, the Masterplan connects its participants to professional networks from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

The Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg organisation is located in Maastricht, and its films are shot in and around Limburg. The Masterplan is rooted in the region through its collaborations with local education, municipalities, and cultural institutions.

The recruitment and selection of talent takes place in cooperation with a number of art and film courses in the area: Communication and Media Design and ABK Visual Communication at Zuyd University, the Maastricht Theatre Academy, Arcus College Heerlen, and the Media, Arts and Design Academy in Genk.

About the initiators
The Masterplan builds on the work of its initiator, Elbe Stevens and David Deprez. They have already taken the first steps to linking local talent to professionals and stimulating Limburg’s film climate.

Elbe Stevens co-founded the professional platform Cinesud, and in recent years has realised several short films in the region, including: Behind the Wall (2010), Anatole (2011) and Past (2013). These films are now distributed internationally.

David Deprez is the Artistic Director of Lumière Cinema Maastricht and is actively involved in promoting regional talent. Lumière has developed into a podium and meeting place for talent and is an independent partner with local authorities and organisations such as Culturele Hoofdstad (Cultural Capital).

Floor Krooi is supporting David and Elbe in the Masterplan’s implementation.

For professionals
The Masterplan Filmtalent wants to contribute to the professionalisation of talent and Limburg’s film industry. The activity of the creative sector will be raised to a higher level, and the image of Limburg as a creative region will be strengthened.

The Masterplan promotes professionalism by enabling regional talent to work with experienced crew from the Dutch and Belgian film industries. The resulting short films show what the region’s qualities are. The Masterplan’s ambitions are to gain more attention for Limburg’s creative sector, and that the selected talents, after participating, build upon their experiences in professional film production.

For students
Each year, a new group of talents are selected. All candidates must have graduated within two years prior to participation. Students of the following courses are eligible for the Film Talent Masterplan: Zuyd University (Communication and Media Design and ABK Visual Communication), the Maastricht Theatre Academy, Arcus College Heerlen and the Media, Arts and Design Academy (KH Limburg, Campus Genk). Representatives from these programs make the selection, led by Elbe Stevens and David Deprez.

Only teachers of the participating courses can nominate candidates. Students who want to participate can ask their tutors for more information. There will also be scouts at various events, such as the Euregion film prize, M2LIVE, and the presentation of student films at Made in Europe.