Edition of 2013/2014 presented

Groepsfoto Filmtalent Limburg - Bassin -Lumiere Maastricht foto:

The first batch of films from the Masterclass Filmtalent Limburg, an initiative of producer/director Elbe Stevens and Lumière Cinema Maastricht, are officially presented in early February. In the months ahead, five young talents will be given theopportunityto make a professional short film. The three short films that this generates will be created by dozens of cooperating and talentedcreatives from the Euregio.

In late February, we start shooting the first film, a touching drama by final-year drama student Sophie van de Pol and Bart van de Woestijne.They were selected with Before you Hit the Ground. In April, the Flemish duo Thomas Baerten and Wim Geudens start recording the tragicomedy De Smet. The talented animator Arthur Gorissen will realise ‘Fatal Fly’.

The Masterplan Filmtalent is a four-year project in which young filmmakers realise a number of short films with experienced professionals. Each year, the Masterplan will help new batch of students or recent graduates to make three short films. The selected talents collaborate with professionals from the Dutch and Belgian film industry, allowing them to gain valuable experience for a future career in the film profession.