Premieres for cast and crew of Flight of Life and Past

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The short films Flight of Life and Past by director Elbe Stevens will tomorrow get their first private showing to the cast and crew of the films. Both films will be officially premiered at the Cinema Lumière, Maastricht, under the watchful eye of those closely involved.

About Flight of Life

Flight of Life is an aesthetic and highly stylised short dance film, in which the combination of sound and image takes centre stage. We follow a young couple in their final moments before a violent car accident. The film cross-cuts between the accident, their last moments together, and the first moments of their love story.

Joost Vrouenraets and Maite Guerin from the renowned dance company Gotra play the lead roles in Flight of Life. Director of Photography Rolf Dekens’ use of the camera is a form of choreography in itself. The film is a co-production between Elbe Stevens and Bijker TV, in close cooperation with Cinesud and regional training programs.

About Past

Past is a film about the relationship between a traumatized young woman and her mother, and was recorded on location in Liege and Heerlen on 11, 12 and 13 January. Gaite Jansen (Hoe duur was de Suiker – ‘The Price of Sugar’), Susan Visser (Gooische Vrouwen – ‘Gooische Women’) and Egbert-Jan Weeber (Moeder, ik wil bij de Revue – ‘Mother, I want to join the Revue’) star in this short suspense-film by director and producer Elbe Stevens (Anatole, Flight of Life).

The crew consisted of a mix of experienced (inter)nationally recognised professionals, such as cameraman Rolf Dekens (Spion van Oranje ‘Spy of Orange’, Oorlogsgeheimen ‘Secrets of War’) and composer Fons Merkies (De Tweeling ‘Twin Sisters’), and young talent from the Maastricht region.  Past was a co-production with Bijker Film & TV (Achtste-­Groepers Huilen Niet ‘Cool Kids Don’t Cry’); and made in close collaboration with Cinesud, the platform for media professionals in the Euroregio, and regional training programs.