Het Masterplan Filmtalent is made possible by


  • Provincie Limburg

“The Province of Limburg wants to offer an attractive living and working environment for residents, visitors, and businesses. Therefore the province supports the importance of talent development, cultural activities, and job creation. Film is an industry that combines these three aspects.  Talents that acquire knowledge on creative vocational courses in Limburg can express their creativity in film. In addition, film offers many opportunities for other sectors, for example: catering for cast and crew or filming on location. These and many other examples contribute to the province’s image as a creative region, which attracts new tourists. Film is an accessible form of culture. It is a medium that can easily translate culture into economic results. Film is an expression of talent and creativity. Therefore, Films in Limburg should be visible.  This initiative is a good step in making Limburg’s talent in the film industry visible. These talents have the important task of raising the region’s film climate to a higher level. The Province of Limburg has confidence in its talents.” (Noël Lebens, Former Deputy for Culture)

  • Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg

“At Het Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg (House for the Arts Limburg) you encounter many paths through Limburg’s arts and cultural field. With its many partners, the House is committed to a flourishing film climate in Limburg. It functions like a spider in a web. Sometimes, the House acts as a facilitator and producer, for example, organising film workshops and film festivals; at other times it initiates and connects, for example, by linking amateurs and young talent to professionals. One of the House’s driving forces is talent development – offering young, ambitious, and talented filmmakers the opportunity to develop within their profession. The Masterplan Filmtalent helps realise these objectives.” (Patricia Peters, consultant in Film & Photograpy)

  • Stichting Cultuur en Bedrijf

“Stichting Cultuur en Bedrijf Maastricht (Foundation for Culture and Business in Maastricht) was created in 1992 at the initiative of the board of the Municipality of Maastricht and the Theatre aan het Vrijthof. Therefore, it has adopted Maastricht’s candidacy for the 2018 European Cultural Capital, and currently supports the winners of the Dutch Dance Festival and the Masterplan Filmtalent. In addition to organising two special theatre performances for its members and their guests, one of which is with the Sittard-Geleen and Heerlen cultural foundation, the foundation also organises a number of theatercafés and uses a portion of its membership fee for community purposes. With the above aims, the foundation is committed to being a meeting place in Maastricht for trade and industry, government and related organisations, the province, and the Municipality of Maastricht”

  • Gemeente Maastricht
  • Brand Cultuurfonds
  • Stichting Elisabeth Strouven
  • Stichting Kanunnik Salden-Nieuwenhof
  • Stichting Edmond Hustinx
  • Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Limburg


Other partners


  • ABK Maastricht

“The presence of talent here in Limburg offers something that should be encouraged and nurtured. In my opinion, everyone should work together so that talent can be discovered, encouraged, and, in some cases, created. This also means that people can traverse boundaries (and not just national borders) and extend their horizons. That’s why the Academy of Fine Arts Maastricht (ABKM) understands the importance of the Masterplan Filmtalent. It contributes to a collaboration that is not only welcome but is also indispensable. It is these many links and partnerships that will form the chain.” (Jan Salden, teacher ABKM)

  • Toneelacademie Maastricht

“The Maastricht Theatre Academy is a nest bursting with acting and directing talent. The camera has been our friend for years. It’s nice that now, with the help of Masterplan Filmtalent, young talent with ideas and entrepreneurial spirit can find extra support in the region. Count us in!” (Leo Swinkels, Director of The Arts Academy Maastricht)

  • MAD-faculty Genk

“The Media, Arts and Design Faculty, Campus C-Mine (Genk) is particularly excited about the Masterplan Filmtalent. This initiative for talent in Limburg – and by extension the Euregio – is more than welcome. In the coming years, The Masterplan will offer great opportunities and annually establish networks for the students and graduates of the MAD Faculty, by developing opportunities and, most importantly, by delivering compelling films.”

  • Arcus College

“The Arts, Theatre and Media (KTM) courses at Arcus College participate in the Masterplan because we want to educate our students through actual productions. In doing so, we use the “master-apprentice” model, where young people learn the trade from professional practitioners. The Masterplan is in line with our efforts and therefore we see opportunities for students: by learning from professionals, developing networks, and continuing to build passion and motivation through a first hand and detailed understanding.”

  • Regiobranding Zuid-Limburg

“The beauty of the Heuvelland (Dutch Hills), bordered by the exciting city-ring of Maastricht – Sittard-Geleen – Heerlen – Parkstad, offers a rare combination of nature, culture, landscape, and urbanism that you find in such a compact consistency nowhere else in Europe. Zuid Limburg lies exactly at the intersection of Europe’s Latin and Germanic languages and cultures. This interaction of cultures has made the region what it is: an open, multilingual, innovative, and vital society. For 2000 years, the region has been a breeding ground for many cultures, culture lovers, and culture makers. For filmmakers too! A healthy film climate is an integral part of the culture. It’s the 21st century’s visual language par excellence, and, more significantly, the medium is the key for those who are maybe unfamiliar with Zuid Limburg’s brand. For this reason, the Masterplan fits perfectly with Zuid Limburg’s regional branding objectives.” (Wim Ortjens, Director Stichting Regiobranding Zuid-Limburg)

  • Cinesud

“The central objective of the Masterplan Filmtalent – offering young talent the opportunity to grow and develop under professional supervision – is closely related to one of Cinesud’s main focal points. Moreover, Cinesud wants a central point of contact and advice, as well as supervisory and supporting parties, for anyone who is active or has ambitions in the creative audio-visual field. We stand by the Masterplan Filmtalent and will support, in every possible way, the (young) makers and their productions, both with production and technical facilities. From replenishing cast and crew, arranging caterers, venues, permits, and access to equipment, to the provision of production support and guidance, Cinesud is pleased to support the Masterplan and its young talents.” (Guido Franken, Project Manager Cinesud)

  • CLAP! Liège

“With a view to supporting and facilitating filmmaking for Belgian and foreign producers, CLAP is looking forward to offer assistance to professional filmmakers from Holland and especially from Maastrich that is so close to us.The CLAP’s offices are located in Liege and in Namur and help all coproductions shooting in the Provinces of Liege, Namur and Luxembourg. We are interested in working partnership with Maastricht and the Lumiere Cinema to create links and exchanges between our both organizations. Shooting here, screening there, connecting people together are purposes we are following. CLAP will help producers and young filmmakers from Maastricht to find locations, help with administration and local authorities, organize catering and other information.” (Florence Conradt, assistant office CLAP!)

  • Hennenman Agency

“Henneman Agency is an agency for creative talents from the film, television, and theatre industry – from actors and screenwriters, to directors and composers. We provide expert guidance, such as managing business agendas and mediating contract talks. A strong personal commitment is our starting point. Henneman Agency plays a strategic role between the talent we represent and our clients, both at a national and international level. We also initiate independent film, television, and theatre projects. We are always curious for new and exciting collaborations between young and experienced talent and are therefore committed to the initiators of the Masterplan Filmtalent.” (Dunja Bonger & Jara Lucieer).