Productions 2014

The films of 2014

Before you hit the ground

Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg presents a film by Sophie van de Pol & Bart van de Woestijne

Released: October 2014
Length: 12 minutes
Genre: Psychological drama

It’s a typical weekday. Steven, a twenty-year-old student, is looking after one-year-old Levy at his usual babysitting address. A stupid, almost casual accident causes the loss of Levy’s life. Driven by guilt, Steven finds himself making decisions he never thought he could make.

De Smet

Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg presents a film by Thomas Baerten & Wim Geudens

Release: October 2014
Length: 14 minutes
Genre: Tragicomedy

The De Smet brothers work together to keep their bachelor lives as pleasant as possible. Like a house of cards, their synergy collapses when a woman moves into their street.

The three brothers live next to each other in similar houses and drive identical cars. They evenly divide their household chores, and they’ve been champions at the cards club for years.

When Nico meets the new neighbour, their well-oiled machine grinds to a halt and the other brothers are left to deal with the consequences. After losing the cards championship, the older brothers must find a solution.

Connecting Flights

Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg presents an animated film by Arthur Gorissen

Release: October 2014
Length: 5 minutes
Genre: Drama

One summer’s day Julia boards a plane to take her to her destination, unaware of what awaits her.

Eduard is in a barbershop and a fly is distracting the barber. The barber tries to shoo the fly away.

At that moment, panic brakes out in the plane…