Productions 2015

The films of 2015


Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg presents a film by Eefje Suijkerbuijk

Charlotte is seventeen and has almost finished high school. In the vacuum of boredom between exams and results, she and her friends feel trapped in their dull village; she yearns for maturity and a real life. Fortunately, there’s one prospect: a trip to Blanes for their first unsupervised holiday.

Refusing to fund the adventure, her parents think the Dutch island of Terschelling is far enough. Trying to put them under pressure, Charlotte accuses them of pushing her into prostitution: if they don’t pay, she’ll auction her first time. Her parents are certain their sweet little girl would never do such a thing. Acting on her threats, Charlotte ends up searching for what intimacy and love actually mean.

A Tale of Two Brothers

Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg presents a film by Felipe Calvo-Montero

Frederik (12) and Albert (16) are very close brothers who plays daily in the forest. One day Albert meets Greta, a girl who lives behind the woods. As Albert tries to get closer to her, Frederik realizes he is loosing his only friend and play partner. Will he try to stop him from leaving him?

Go away Willem

Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg presents a film by Willem Bosch

Willem (6) is a busy kid, always has been, but his parents love him, or so he thinks. Until one day they drop him off with two strangers in a strange village. Strange people with dirty habits. It’s only for an afternoon, Willem thinks. By the evening, he’s still not been collected. Nor the next day. When Willem calls home, a complete stranger answers. Willem realizes his parents are never coming back. They’ve deserted him. Now he has to try and make his own way home. On foot, as far as his little legs will carry him.