Class 2013-2014

In total, over 30 talents have participated in the Masterplan Filmtalent Limburg in 2013-2014. Because next to the 3 teams of young makers who have realised their film idea, the crew of each film is composed of a mix of experienced professionals and talents in the fields of for example costumes, make-up and sound design.

The recruitment and selection takes place under the guidance of Elbe Stevens and David Deprez. They are being supported by representatives of the educational partners of Zuyd University Maastricht, Arcus College Heerlen, MAD-Faculuty Genk, and Cinesud, the platform for media professionals.

These are the talents that have realised their film idea in 2013-2014:

Before you hit the ground


Sophie van de Pol
Sophie van de Pol (1991) studied directing at the Maastricht Theatre Academy, graduating in 2014. As a screenwriter and director, she made ​​the short film Rust (2012), and she co-wrote the dance film Flight of Life (2013) by Gotra Ballet and director Elbe Stevens. Her work seeks that uncertain moment where control is just at hand or about to be lost. Her work is poetic, sensitive, detailed, and has a light humour.

Selected for the 2013/2014 Masterplan, Sophie van de Pol has made Before you Hit the Ground, together with Bart van de Woestijne.



Bart van de Woestijne
Bart van de Woestijne (1991) completed his studies in performance at the Maastricht Theatre Academy in 2014. Trained as a performer, he works in the area between maker and player. Addressing serious themes with a light tone, he shows the tragedy of man – always through the lenses of language and poetry.

Bart van de Woestijne worked on Flight of Life (2013), and together with Sophie van de Pol was selected for the 2013/2014 Masterplan, with Before you Hit the Ground.

De Smet

foto: www.philipdriessen.com

Thomas Baerten
Thomas Baerten (1988) comes from the Limburgse Bilzen. After high school, Thomas decided to try his luck at film school. During his studies, Thomas learnt filming, editing, and producing.

His great ambition is to continue making films – to keep telling a story. Therefore, his goal is that, within x amount of years, he will add a few mentions of self-made short films, series, and feature films to his biography.

Together with Wim Geudens, Thomas Baerten has realised the film De Smet.


foto: www.philipdriessen.com

Wim Geudens
Wim Geudens (1986) is from Witgoor, the heart of the ‘Stille Kempen’. During film academy, Wim realised two successful short films: Beats of Love (2011) and Robbie Rocket (2012). They were selected for national and international short film festivals, garnerig awards including the Jury Prize for Best Debut at the International Short Film Festival in Leuven (2011).

Together with Thomas Baerten, Wim Geudens, was selected for the 2013/2014 Masterplan, with the short film De Smet.

Connecting Flights

foto: www.philipdriessen.com

Arthur Gorissen
Arthur Gorissen (1989) graduated in Animation at the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) with the short film Branch Line. Since then he has worked freelance under the name ‘ikbenarthur’, focusing on commercial animation/design projects for companies and institutions.

Arthur Gorissen has realised the animated film Connecting Flights.