Past selected for Selected Dutch Shorts 2013


The short film Past has been included in the Selected Dutch Shorts 2013; a compilation of the year’s best short films chosen by industry professionals. Commissioned by the EYE Film Instituut Nederland, this annual selection is an important podium for short films.

Selected Dutch Shorts
Every year EYE Film Instituut Nederland makes a DVD (and from this year, a Blu-Ray) with a selection of the year’s best short films from the Netherlands. This year, a committee of professionals selected eighteen films, including Past. The films included in the selection are guaranteed a considerable international audience.

Past is a short thriller by director Elbe Stevens (Anatole, Flight of Life) starring Gaite Jansen, Egbert-Jan Weeber, and Susan Visser. Guido Franken (Buzz Media) was executive producer throughout the project. In Past, we witness Stella (Jansen), who is traumatized by a childhood incident, as she is suddenly confronted by her past.

Behind the Wall by Elbe Stevens was included in the Selected Dutch Shorts 2010. The film was eventually featured at festivals, on video-on-demand, and on television.